Midtown Montessori
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Caring Staff and Ratios
Midtown Montessori staffs in excess of the California standard preschool teacher / child ratios (12:1). When all of the children are present, there is a 6:1 ratio. We have an inside / outside policy, meaning that children can move from inside work to the outside play area at will.

Our educated staff includes 2 Bachelors Degrees (with Honors), three experienced Montessori trained teachers and assistants with Early Childhood Education college units. One staff member is in the process of obtaining her AMS credential.

All staff are certified in CPR and Young Child First Aid. Those certificates are updated every two years.

Caring Schedules - Caring Staff

Your Child's Typical Midtown Day
Children Arrive from 8 to 9
Indoor / Outdoor Play - Weather Permitting

Morning Circle 9
Songs and Dance, Meeting Time, Presentation of New Work, Group Lesson, Yoga, Grace and Courtesy Lessons

Morning Work Time 9:30 to 12
Lessons, Inside / Outside Work / Play, Lifelab Gardening, Reading, Music, Morning Snack, Lunch Preparation, Table Setting

Lunch Dismissal 12 noon
Hand Washing and Noon Pick Up

Community Lunch Time 12:10 to 12:40
Buffet Style Lunch Served and Lunch Clean Up Conducted

Outside Time 12:40 to 1

Storytelling Time 1 to 1:15
Discussion of the Morning Work Time, Songs, Dance, Stories, Books

Rest and Quiet Time 1:15 to 3
Napping Children Resting in the Nap Room, Silent Work Time Inside

Full Day Pick Up 3
Afternoon Snack 3:15 to 5
Afternoon Snack Served and Cleaned Up. I‚Äčnside / Outside Work and Play Time. Children Retrieved by 5PM
Caring Schedules
Midtown Montessori in Santa Cruz provides educational child care in a Montessori preschool environment for families with children 2 1/2 to 6 years old. We are open year round, from 8:00am until 5:00pm, Monday through Friday and offer full and part time care. Included in your tuition is nearly all ORGANIC, whole food prepared with the children as a morning and afternoon snack and a cooked lunch.

Information 831-423-2273