Midtown Montessori
Collaboration. Sustainability. Kindness. Respect. Peace.
The Montessori Classroom Environment - The Midtown Element
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The primary purpose of Midtown Montessori is to advance a culture of kindness, respect, and peace. We provide a warm, prepared, engaging, safe space for your child to socialize, learn, and play in.

Beautiful learning materials are thoughtfully arranged invitingly on low, open shelves. Children can choose the materials they like and work with them for as long as they are interested. There are bright arrays of solid geometric forms, knob puzzle maps, colored beads, and specialized rods and blocks.

The materials are self-correcting, meaning that when a piece doesn't fit or is left over, the child easily perceives the error. The need for adult "correction" is eliminated. The materials nurture the child's ability to solve problems independently, building self-confidence and analytical thinking.

The Midtown Montessori house was built in 1888. We took this well-constructed, beautiful Santa Cruz Victorian and remodeled it specifically as a child care center. Great care was given in the planning and construction to maintain the integrity of the original building, while at the same time, making all of the adjustments to accommodate a child's height and needs.